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foxxyscarlett asked: Why do you deny the existence of something that doesn't exist?



So like doesn’t exist as in things that “live” in the void don’t exist. Like an anti-existence sort of thing? I think the answer would still be the same.



sincerely, a person who has been on prozac for 9 years

this is in response to some shitty stuff i’ve seen on my dash recently. it’s super simplified, so if you’d like to know some more indepth stuff on how exactly it works, google it—OR BETTER YET actually talk to a mental health doctor psychiatrist person wow

super relevant to me right now because i literally got a prescription for lexapro today hahahaha

and also because the first time i was offered antidepressants, a couple of years ago, i flipped out and stopped going to therapy because i was afraid my therapist would keep pushing them to me and i was scared because of all the misinformation i’d had (mainly about antidepressants being addictive or numbing)

and i don’t know, maybe if i had been better informed then i wouldn’t have crashed and burned as badly as i’m doing right now y’know

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